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replacement body parts


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Houston, TX
Anyone know of a good place to get replacement body parts (specifically quarter panels and cowling)? I don't care if they're pretty or what color they are.

Thanks, Calvin
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JC Whitney has quarter panels. By "cowling" do you mean that plastic thing with the intake louver that the wiper arms come out of, in front of the windshield? Best shot on that will be a junk yard.
If you elect to purchase from an online source, be sure to get a quote on shipping. My shipping on a replacement bumper was close to the cost of the part!
They have some parts at quadratec.com
do yourself a favor and DONT buy aftermarket (jcwhitney) body parts, chances are more than good that they're never gonna fit right and will cause you nothing but headaches. if it were me, i'd buy oem or get salvage parts. if it makes any difference, i do bodywork for a living.
So does that mean we should't get State Farm Ins., because it's their policy to use aftermarket parts. You have to pay extra to get oem.
Thanks for all the info. I guess I used the wrong term, but as far as the 'cowling' goes, I was referring to the fiberglass 'nosepiece' that goes across the front of the vehicle.
It's the part that would cover this:


Hehe ... that link will take you to a picture of the north end of a horse. Could be worse I s'pose... :D