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Renix Jeep wanted. must be 4.0


NAXJA Forum User
Aurora, Colorado
mine got crashed out. will use as many parts from old one as i can.

anyone got one to sell? purchase will depend on the one who hit me and how fast they settle this mess. 2 dr 4 dr or comanche would be fine. ugly is fine. just not too rusty or butched up from prior "mods"
will take a death wobble basket case too. i love a challenge
the good thing on my wrecked one is the motor is not broken. runs good only the valve cover leaks. auto or stick i think at my age maybe auto. still need to get their insurance info. need call APD in the morning and see what they have.
Not sure how you feel about a drivetrain swap but you will be hard pressed to find a Renix in nicer shape than the $800 one. Prices are just insane, if that had good running gear one could clean it up, take great pictures and sell it on Ebay for at least $5k.