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remote starter...


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Did a search, didn't come up with much.

Could somone recomend a basic remote starter system, something simple, no need for an alarm. Just to warm up the car from inside the house.


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Audiovox makes a couple of units, but depending on the vehicle you may need a bypass unit i.e. GM's have passlock, Ford, toyota, nissan, chrysler etc need an extra key or chip for the remote start for the vehicle.

I sell and install the Audiovox units there are a couple of options. If you have a factory keyless entry system you can use your factory remote, if not you can get a unit with replacement remotes with p.lock option or not....

You could also do a google search for other sites that carry basic remote start units, but stay away from Bulldog or bullgaurd something like that, those are extremely cheap units and do fail...

Anymore ?'s you can pm me.
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What year XJ? I have a 96 with a DesignTech, works great, really good range; pretty low quality remote. I ask what year becuase at the local Advance, or Auto Zone, or Oreily's (can't remeber which) they had one for under $100, but then had a harness that hooked right into the Jeep harness that holds all your ignition wires, ect, saving a lot of work, and securing a great connection. You may want to check it out.
get DEI, viper, clifford, avital, sidewinder, etc. All the same company makes a great product... you can get one and have it installed for about 100 at best buy. most jeeps are pretty easy unless you have a 97+ with a grey key... black key's are fine...

I did get a Bulldog, there around $40. Mines been working for two years now. When I had problems installing it they got back to me quickly. Cheap and easy to install, get the t-harness if you're worried about wiring.
definately go with something from dei..... I install those things nearly every day and I have yet to see a product as well executed as the ones from dei...
Thanks people,

I've heard good things about dei products, I think I can do the install myself.

I have a garage at my house, my girlfriend does not. Leaving her house at 5:30 am now to go to work here in the NE sucks, although it's only a couple of days a week. (From my house the commute is 1.5 miles, hers, 37).

I appreciate your advice.

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