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Brad can you and John get together soon and work on putting registration together?

I have the login info, I'll get a form started for 2017 and post back any questions about anything that might be different this year vs. last.
I'll talk to t shirt folks on Monday about deadlines for numbers we'll want to get registration up soon.
Preview of the registration form:


It looks like last year we ran registration from Jan 6th through February 15th. It's $15/mo to keep the registration up so not a huge sum of money to run longer than a month.

I kept pricing the same as before:

$35 for event participants
$18 for extra shirts
$35 for hoodies
$15 for extra dinners (adults/kids 8+)

I assumed we are doing pre-sale tickets again.

I took out the check box for the liability waiver since people need to sign a copy anyway. If that's wrong I'll add it back in.

Let me know if I'm off-track on anything.
I just left the T-shirt place. He needs two weeks heads up. So lets close registration on the 13th. You pick the time, I can email the numbers to them that evening or Tuesday the 14th in the morning. Maybe say 5pm, that way the 3 people that didn't register can send us their t-shirt sizes so I can add them when I sent the numbers Tuesday morning lol.

I think prices will be the same, so we should be good there.

I don't know about the liability thing.

Yes to pre-sale raffle tickets.