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rear wiper arm 84-96


NAXJA Forum User
I need a rear wiper arm for a 96, I think all years arms fit from 84-96.I have looked here at all local wreckers and they are gone,called the dealer and they say 62.00!!!!!! and that's not the blade either.Don't care if the paint is great but I do need the hose and nozzle to work. If you have a new one and am a company I'll take that too as long as it's not high priced, like over 20-25 bucks area.
I have one off of a 96 that has the hose and blade on it. $20 shipped to you. let me know if your interested.
ratherbcamping said:
I'm out of town right now, but I'm pretty sure I have one off a 96 at the house. $15 shipped.
I found it if you are still looking. This is a complete arm with hose and spray unit.