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Rear tire carrier is nearly finished...

Safari Ary

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Well, I mounted up the swingarms last night. Just have to figure out a latching mechanism(ordered a Carr-lane latch, but it's not gonna work), and paint them, and I'll be set. The height of the carrier is adjustable. The carrier on the right holds two jerry cans. Both carriers are removeable should I so desire(don't really wanna carry jerry cans around w/ me all the time). I've gotta mount up some reverse lights since the factory ones are blocked, and figure out where I wanna mount my CB Antenna. But anyway, I need latch ideas guys. I don't want a screw type latch, and I'd like to avoid the spring-pin type latch. So, do I have any other choices that I'm not thinking of besides the toggle clamp?? There is ~.250" under the swing arms. The two arms meet like this ()=======\\===() Therefore, if I secure the tire carrier the jerry can holder will be secured as well. Here are some pics. Thanks for any help.




Looks Great!

This is the latch you want.They are really solid.
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I don't get it :confused: How does it work, got a website?? Thanks

:eek: $60!?!?! GOOD LORD, that's a lot of money for a latch. Any other ideas?? Thanks


P.S. Didn't mean to come off as harsh, that's just a lot of money, the whole bumper only cost me 250 in materials
Well, it just so happens I have my trusty Grainger catalog right here next to me, and nothing I see will do the trick. At least not easily. I like the latch posted above and how it works, I just don't wanna pay 60$ for it. I'm gonna see if I can possibly make a latch using some ideas I saw in that one. Thanks