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Rear main seal removal


NAXJA Forum User
Ok so last night I went to go remove my rear main seal and I was told that I would need a punch to get it out. So I used a screw driver. I hit a couple of times and just broke apart the seal a little bit then I went to hit it again and a chunk of the block came off. I have no idea what I should do now. I don't even think it is worth fixing cause I think it will leak fluid no matter what I try to do to it. Any body have any suggestions. Thanks. ;-)
Ouch. You really should have searched on this one - I've covered it a couple dozen times in varying levels of detail over the last few years. The first thing you'd have see was to use a brass rod - even if you had to go buy one! Brass is softer than the iron used for the crank and block, and if anything breaks, it will be the brass.

What can be done depends on how large the missing bit is - will you be home to-morrow? I've got to finish a bunch of work I'm doing, but I should be done with it to-day... PM.