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rampart test run


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went up to rampart range today to see how the jeep does in the dirt and rocks....had a good time.....round something broken...or broke it up there :dunno:(linkage to t-case...stuck in 4lo...had to move to 4hi...cant get it to 2hi yet)

but anyway...the day went well...lots of flexing and some steep climbs and more flexing just to test out all the new and "new to me" stuff....

needless to say i love being locked in teh back...or man.....HUGE difference!!!!

bot sure if i like that more or some nice flexibility more....

but ill shut my mouth now and post the pics...

it was a fun short day....a good test to the new work..






and my fav pic from the day


..sorry fro quality...cell phone pics...

gettin a camera soon i think
I like the look of the jeep. Looks like you had fun. Once you get the cage done in the back, it will look sick. Too bad I couldnt go out today.. And too bad you got work tomorrow.
You don't need flex with that "locker" :D

You never did answer me, did you clean up the welds any or just leave it?
lookin good!!
With the back cut out you notice a little bit more movement of the unibody there :greensmok

...............I just caught the fact you are running different brand tires on the front and rear? :twak:

Aren't you a tire guy? :D
hahahaha ya i am...thats why i cought them for 150...selling them for 300 and getting all new matchin ones with warranty for 600 :moon:

as far as flex and stuff....it flexes dumb now...like way more than before...and the body didnt seem to moan or creak or move too much...but who knows....

ya the locker makes a HUGE difference...how did i go without it before?

i left it as is...im lookin for locker for the 29 spline....and then gonne get boyd's unaltered 27 splines so he can have the "locked" ones you gave me...

so ya.....