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Raffle Winners


NAXJA Forum User
Woody and I have racked our brains and can not remeber all the winners so if you could please chime in with what you won that would be a great help....
My wife got the brush guard (happy happy happy) and I got a tow hook thingy. And we got a oil drain bucket. Who do we thank for the goodies, maybe we could send out a thank you to them. Let them know how much we appreciate the stuff.
We got the light and the $200 gift certificate for the alternator thingy.

YellowXJ....how could anyone forget that your wife won the brush guard! lol Did she sleep with it that night? We want to see pics when she gets it on.

Bonnie & Jim (her racin buddy)
I got a NAXJA Hat. A Koozie from Windrock, and the 50/50 $$$$$ That helped finance my trip home! LOL!
I got the Rustys motor mounts. I traded them to another guy for a $20 bill. I wish I had gotten a T-shirt.

Okay forgot to add

Kevin won ARB 40% off and oil drain pan donated by Rockzilla Offroad
I won the set of 4 AR Rockcrawler rims from Rusty. I am in the process of finding some street tires to go on them now.... 33x9.5 AT's for cheap. I could use 2 sets of tires, now its time to get a set of Bias ply's for the real wheeling. -Tim