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Radio wiring


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Ok, so someone stole my radio out of my 89 Limited and he was nice enough to cut the wires instead of unplugging the harness. Anybody know what colors go to which speaker? Or have any ideas as to how I can match them up? The wire colors at the speakers are different than the ones coming out of the dash. Thanks for your help...
My manual doesn't show the radio wiring. You can use a 9v battery if there in pairs. Just touch the the pair to the battery, 1 pos/1 neg, and listen for which speaker makes a pop. It shouldn't hurt the speakers. Hope it helps.

I just ran new better wire from the amps and head set I replaced it with. Also, when I put my head in I think I missed something. When I cut the car off it looses the radio stations I program. I'll look for the wire code. I asked this and it was posted but it was awhile ago.
Oogabooga --

I have wiring diagrams from the '88, '94, and '00 service manuals. What year is your XJ?
i just put mine in the other night. i looked for a diagram but had no real luck. there seems to be several out there. Mine is an 89 that was wired like an 85. who knows... anyway, this one looks pretty close to mine, but there may be some variation...

Right Front (+) White
Right Front (-) Black
Left Front (+) Green
Left Front (-) Black/Yellow
Right Rear (+) White/Black
Right Rear (-) Brown
Left Rear (+) Green/White
Left Rear (-) Brown/White
'88 FSM shows the same except they show the right rear negative as black. Since there is another black, I suspect that's an error and brown is the correct color. Speakers are all 20 gauge.

Other wires are:

Power: violet/orange (18 ga)
Power antenna: gray (18 ga)
Memory: Red/tan (18 ga)
Radio ground: Black (18 ga)
Here you go, I originally posted this on jeepforum about a month ago.

From the sticker on a 1988 factory Jeep radio (says Jeep all over it) wire colors verified on factory harness.

Battery = Red w/tan stripe

ACC/IGN = Purple w/orange stripe

Power Antenna = Gray wire

Panel Dimmer = Orange w/black stripe

LCD Dimmer = Blue w/ white stripe

Left Rear + = Green w/white stripe

Left Rear - = Brown w/white stripe

Right Rear + = White w/black stripe

Right Rear - = Brown wire

Left Front + = Green wire

Left Front - = Black w/yellow stripe

Right Front + = White wire

Right Front - = Black wire

The radio got its ground (-) from a seperate black wire with a spade lug connected directly to the radio chassis

I used this diagram on the factory radio to successfully wire in my aftermarket radio.

I would still recommend taking a volt meter to these colors and testing them just to be sure the voltages are right depending on ignition key position etc.

The dimmer wires will pretty much be useless to you because most aftermarket radios don't support this feature. The power antenna wire may or may not be there depending on whether you have a power antenna, mine had it but I converted to whip antenna so it was another wire I didn't need.

Hope this helps.