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Puddles of water are killing my Xj. Please help


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Brand new here and I am desperate. I have a 92 xj that I can not get going. About a year ago, I took it out and drove through a PUDDLE and immediatly it started dogging out and I limped it home. I assumed I got the distributor wet or something but the weird thing was that I can tack it out in park just fine. I went through everything I could think of (new plugs, cap, wires, tps and O2 sensors, fuel pump and filter, did the injectors upgrade, checked the heat shields around them and bypassed the cat system to make sure as well as replaced any old vacuum lines/hoses and cleaned the throttle body out) After all that, it ran good for a while and then last week, I went through a very small puddle and I am back with issues. Only in drive and it seems to get worse as it warms up. If I give it too much gas it starts dieing out like it's a fuel/air issue. It almost feels like it is shifting funny too but I am a little low on tranny fluid. Just very weird that it has zero problems ideling and reving in park. Any ideas? I would greatly appreciate it.
I think you are right. My exhaustive Google foo Internet searching leads me to believe it must have gotten wet again. I will give it a shot. Thank you
Yup, TPS. Either replace or remove existing and bury it in raw rice for a day or so and give it a try. My '99 threw a code when my TPS went south after an automatic carwash with hood vents.
Thanks everyone. Found a cheap tps that came with an o ring as well as a washer. Check engine light cleared and it seems to be running fine now. I have hood vents so I am going to have to figure something out and for sure get a spare for the glovebox!