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Public Service Announcement Renix ECU and TCU


NAXJA Forum User
Prescott, Az
You folks who visit junkyards need to snag all the Renix ECUs and TCUs that you can.
TCUs are starting to fail at an increasing rate.
ECUs not so much, but grab what you can. They don't make them any more.

If you have an 87 or 88, Grab an 89 or 90 ECU for your rig and save your old one as a spare. More horsepower BTW.
87s had a funkier shifting ECU program. An 88 to 90 is an upgrade.

Are the ECUs mounted in the driver's front corner like on the H.O. years?

And where is the TCU mounted?

I do periodically hit the junkyards, and in my neck of the woods there will still be several XJs to pick from.
ECU's under the dash, driver side in front of center console. TCU under the glove box.
Thank you.

I will keep an eye out for them.