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Public land use rally



There will be a ralley Thursday, 07/11, to protest Barbara Boxers Wilderness
Bill. Everyone is to meet at Miller Park at 11:00am and start for the capitol at
noon. For information check the CA4WDC website, Public land for Public Use
Keven, if you would like to go and don't mind riding in a lowly TJ, Sharon would be more than happy to pick you up and take you if the XJ is not running by then. Just let us know. You can reach us at [email protected]
We have a tow strap if you would rather attend in your XJ.
We'll be praying your engine tyroubles are minor and short lived.
Dang, you found us! :shock: J/K :mrgreen:
I might take you up on the offer if the Jeep isn't ready.
How you two been? Haven't seen or heard from ya in a while :?
We never lost you!

We have been keeping up with the group through the sight. Just haven't seen anything we wanted to respond to until now. Not only that we have only been back in our house with internet access for about a month. So you know how it goes. Other than working on the TJ and doing some wheeling we haven't been doing much. We are all doing great (now that school is out). :D Just so you know we have been half looking for an XJ. Not to seriously yet. Let me know about Thursday morning.
Public Land Use Ralley

Hey, Keven, do you need me to pick you up in the morning or do I just need to bring the tow strap. Let me know so I can make sure I leave early enough or if I get to sleep a little longer.