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PSC 4.6" power steering pulley?


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Is there enough adjustment in the idler pulley or do you need a shorter belt?
Shorter belt yes, length depends on year. My last rig ran a 100.5" belt with that pulley, but we had a mix of early and late accessories.
Mine's are both 2000"s.
Is there a "application" for those belts?
When I changed to that pulley on my 96 I went with a 1" shorter belt.(95"IIRC)
Mine already use a 95" belt!
When I changed to that pulley on my 96 I went with a 1" shorter belt.(95"IIRC)

Ok after last reply I checked the spare under the seat- NAPA # 25-060938
what is on it now-Dayco# 5060940
So if I,m reading the code right it is a 93.8 to 94 " belt .
Since my current belt is a 950 and I'm almost out of tension adj (plenty of slack adj) I will p/u a 935 to start. Math says I need a 1.4" shorter belt so that's a good start. My AN fittings and pulley from PSC should be here tomorrow and my cooler on Wed.
I've finally got most everything together(waiting on 1 thing) and will install it Wed!
That elbow in the white pkg looks looks the one I used. ZJ?
Finally received the 2 high pressure fittings so I'm good to go!
So yesterday I got the pulley installed and the '935 belt seems perfect! I got the high pressure hose done along with a full change out to EBC Yellowstuff pads(WJ/KJ). Today I'll make the mounts and this weekend I'll pull the bumper to install my cooler and the rest of the stainless lines.


It's finally done but not without being a headache in the mean time. I got a major leak from the reservoir, I evidently knocked the o-ring loose when doing the pump fitting . I had to flip the mounts over(compared to my trans cooler) because of the arch in the header panel. Most of the fittings that I thought would work, DID'NT! I had to use 3 different grades of SS lines to fit everything up. I'll post pics tomorrow
It's busy, but .........



I finally got a chance at some hard wheeling today! It was almost like driving with ram-assist. Unfortunately I forgot to take my IR thermometer, but it never once "talked" back to me! To recap the entire system:

2000 XJ
PSC power steering pump
PSC power steering box
PSC 4.5" overdrive pulley
PSC AN fittings (pump/box)
Hayden 7" x 11" plate/fin cooler w/ AN fittings
All SS braided lines
93.5" Gates belt