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Properly sent Rally XJ


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Simi Valley, CA
I will be detailing my rally/rallycross XJ(4.0/AX-15/RWD) build here soon. It's currently at the fab shop having OMP TRS-E-XL race seats installed(among other things).

Here's the seats. Trans tunnel bashing required to get them low enough......


In the mean time I found an inspirational video for me.

It's more Rally/Raid than JeepSpeed, but seems fitting here.... Proper sounding XJ being properly driven. Guy is not afraid of skinny pedal:


Click link:


What engine are you running? I seem to turn a lot of RPM's and you keep it bouncing off the rev limiter.

Great performance.

I love.
What engine are you running? I seem to turn a lot of RPM's and you keep it bouncing off the rev limiter.

Great performance.

I love.

4.0 Jeep engine. Bought XJ used and as far as I know it's a stock engine with the exception of a K&N intake. I think the(cracked-of course) header on it is stock, but I am not sure. Also unknown if cat is stock or high flow but it dumps into a Flowmaster knock off muffler with a turndown on the back of the muffler.

It's pretty loud-but not as loud as that guy's XJ in the video that I posted. I'm not sure if that one even has any muffler.

I have an American racing header on order(no cat version)which will feed into a Flowmaster FX(straight through type muffler) XJ exhaust kit which will be capped off at the back with a Nameless tailpipe rally high flow cat.
I have some straight through 2.5" mufflers and resonators in my storage that I didn't use on my last(focus) rallyx project that I can add to my system if it's too loud, which it just may be. One res will probably do it.

Hopefully I won't be bouncing off the rev limiter but we will see once I make it to an event. Unlike that guy in the video, at least for now, I'm only racing in dirt parking lots(SCCA RallyCross)and can get by in first and second only on course.

But I'll be running short(25.5") rally tires so that will drop my gearing quite a bit.....

When I bought it it had a bb lift and 3.5" backspace wheels with balding 31x10.50's on it:


But that won't fly for rallyx(crappy handling with high COG, overly heavy tires that kill gearing and make you SLOOOOOW....).

So I "unlifted" it. And for street use, installed some stock size Yokohama G003 tires.

Couldn't find the proper 15x6 3.5" backspace wheels that I wanted to run for the stage rally tires(205/65R15 Accelera RA162)that I want to race on.

So I settled on some 15x6.5 Lancer EVO wheels that I had the centerbore machined out to fit. Backspace is whacked though so I'm running spidertrax spacers to get me some track width. Not ideal but I want to try and keep this thing off it's roof.

Street Wheels(take off ZJ) are a similar wheel backspace so I can locktight the spacers on and leave them.

I don't have my wheel spacers on yet as I'm not mounting them till my 29 spline alloy axles(already bought along with 29 spline carrier and Torq locker)are installed.

For now, she looks like this-on street wheels:


Think It's settled as much as it will. Wish it was a tad lower all around-but about what I expected. That's new 575LB(lightest they had) stock height rear General leafs and OME front 2930(2"-ish lift ) coils that I cut down .75" vertically in an attempt to drop 1.5" in front. Did this to try and get some additional rate in the fronts.

Sits pretty much as I was hoping for. I'll give it a go at this ride height for now but may Dearch/cut more to get a little lower height if needed.

Hopefully not needed.