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power steering gear


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Peabody, MA
who make a good power steering gear? i have put 5 in in the last 2 years and out of the box all have been bad. one lasted a month and it was bliss and then started popping and binding.
the one that lasted a month had all new parts installed at the time to. not rebuild. pump lines and gear.

are the red head gears good?

Stock 88 XJ
Ooooh man let me know how what you find out. What brand was your latest one? You can search for my huge thread on this. I went with a Blue Top and that company and those guys were totally awesome, but I had a few issues with tightness on my rebuilds. I eventually had them rebuild my old/original one, which I haven't installed yet. It def could have been an issue with just my jeep/system. I also was looking at PSC, but they are pretty pricey and I did see a couple ppl with issues there as well. Really curious if you find out any more info. Good luck.
My PSC box is 6yrs old and still performing great. But I don't see a non-assist listed on there page anymore?