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Pothead Hubs


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cleveland, TN
so tell me what you guys think, i know the pictures dont really do it justice i guess, i dont think its as bad as it looks in the pics. i might just go with it so i can get my axle finished and get a new set of hubs to REDO before i go on a test run and shake down... it just sucks if i have to do that because i would have just wasted $80 on a set of hubs i cant use... except as rollers...

just an over all of the hubs themselves

with a temp lug nut on one of the studs


and one without the lug nut

Hate to say it, but I would trash them. I'd be willing to bet that you won't be able to keep your lug nuts tight and the wheel will wear into your studs pretty quickly.
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I'm thinking the same thing as BrandonC.
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Why did he bore them at a angle like that? Was there a issue with the mill hitting the hub?

Thats some fubar junk there, go back to the machinist and hit him over the head with that junk.
well that was my thoughts on the nuts working loose because it doesnt have enough contact...

and the angle isnt there, thats just an optical illusion with the camera angle, you cant see it but the hub continues at the same angle in the pic the camera was slightly turned...

so... three weeks of waiting and i get fubarred... and the stupid thing is i didnt realize how bad it was till i had already paid him... (he was affraid to get any closer than that to the inside of the disc rotor's edge...)

i thought machinists were paid to do what was asked of them... he even had the holes pre drilled a smaller size because we were going to have to drill them at different sizes for the stud, but i found some that would work at the same size and were smaller in diameter...

the worst of it is that he DIDNT ASK ME!!! he just drilled them outside of the radius that the predrills were already on... i should have just picked them up a week ago when they were predrilled and just drilled them out to the size i needed... ill make sure he knows how much he f###d up...

stupid thing was he wouldnt ever call me when he hit a road block... he would just wait till i came to pick them up a couple days later and then there they would be NOT finished because of the road block and he would need this or that or want me to look at them... i tried several times to give him my number... needless to say im pissed off at this guy.
this is why he didnt want to get any closer to center first pic is the rotor Inside edge


second picture: the back side of the HUB, it has a largers diameter than the outside, he is pretty close to touching the side.


kinda wonder if its even possible anymore, i mean am i crazy to think that you can break the inside diameter of the rotor and it shouldnt matter... because it will have 5 studs holding it on? and the hub well... he could have gotten up next to the hubs outside diamter because all you have to do is grind off the stud a bit (which he had to do anyways)

so his only fear really was that the rotor would get messed up when drilling it or something...
the inside diamter of the rotor is 3.875 and he drilled the holes at (what i can see) .535 so that would put the edge of the hole at exactly 3.965 diamter which would leave .0045 of metal... basically a hair line of metal... but it shouldnt matter...right?
his fix was to drill out the wheel with a 19/32 bit which would be a hair line over what it currently at but that wouldnt matter because of the bevel of the wheel and the bevel of the lug nut.

i cant fix this can i? the only way i can think of without starting from scratch is to have the wheels redrilled at exactly what he made my bolt pattern with a new bevel and hole in between the other 5.... then i would have 10 holes per wheel, one set would fit my rear axle at the right 4.5 and the one set to fit the front axle at a new diameter of 4.586

or flame the guy for his f up and start from scratch with a real machinist and get a new set redrilled...

you think i could get this set redrilled again? just weld up the current holes and drill them shifted around by like 18 degrees
If it were me I don't think I would use those hubs. But, if you don't plan on street driving the YJ they might work for trail only.

My old CJ had a set of wheels that I had to use a homemade 'feeler gauge' to remove the wobble, might try that.
no i prolly wont street drive this jeep for more than a few miles (say to tylers house from mine, about 20 mins) no highway driving for this rig...

im still worried that i wouldnt get the lug nuts to stay tight enough and they would work loose...

im also not too worried about wobble... just coming off...
for now though i think i will still put them on the axle and use them to get my steering set up and get the gears installed and all that... because im not worried about letting them sit on the lugs like that but not sure i want to test them out on rattlerock...
Blake, you need to go back and tell him that he messed up and you want him to fix it. You also need to tell him that you need $40 back to buy another set of used hubs since he did not do what you wanted and he messed them up. I would even take the wheel with you and show him. Kinda sucks too b/c I bet it might be hard to find another set of those hubs in good shape.

Im gonna steal a line from Dan and modify it some... and this applies to everyone, not just you so don't take it personally.

If you don't have the money to do it right the first time, how will you have the money to redo it again?

Lesson here: You get what you pay for 9 times out of 10. Every now and then you can come a cross a good deal for dirt cheap, but its not usual. If something is unusually cheap, there is usually a reason behind it.

However, in your shoes, I would just make him do it again b/c you have already paid him and I bet he won't give you your money back.
Im gonna steal a line from Dan and modify it some... and this applies to everyone, not just you so don't take it personally.

If you don't have the money to do it right the first time, how will you have the money to redo it again?

I don't remember saying that.... sounds good though.
Dude you need to go to 5 on 5 1/2!

And no, he doesn't. He already has beadlocks on his 5 on 4.5 wheels, and he doesn't have the money to buy new wheels, new beadlocks, and have the rear re-drilled to 5 on 5.5. We are keeping the 5 on 4.5.