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Possible AX-5 trans issues??


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Ocala, FL USA
FInally have my MJ running and partially driveable (need shocks and to finish the brakes) but am having some serious noises that I think are coming from the transmission.

It's an AX-5. It is making a rather loud clack-clack-clack sound. Today it popped out of reverse and at one point actually locked up for a few seconds bring the entire jeep to a halt. It did begin moving again almost as quickly as it stopped.

At any rate I am fairly certain it's the tranny...does anyone know what might be happening?

If you think it may not be the tranny feel free to post your thoughts please.

It sounds like the tranny. I don't think reverse is synchronized, so more likely you have a busted gear or two. Not worth rebuilding. It happens that I just came across some notes I took over a year ago of the dealer prices for AX-5 synchronizers (didn't even get to bearings or -- God forbid -- gears). You don't want to know what the prices were.

Fire up www.car-part.com and see what's available in junkyards near you.