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poping sound from the speakers with engine running


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Let me apoligize in advance for not searching I'm on my cell phone

My 90 has a very anoying poping sound with the radio on and the engine running

It seems to be in time with a plug firing but and is rpm responsive as well. I can't find a short in the wires and I don't see any cracked insulators etc

Any other ideas I'm stumped

One of your grounds sucks. Ignition noise through the speakers is usually a ground issue. Especially if you haven't changed or replaced anything.

I had the same thing on the heep a couple months ago. Installed the new cb and the ignition noise started coming through the speakers. I had the power ran to the fuse block. When I unplugged it, the noise went away. So I know what I really need to do is run power to another circuit. But it's still probably because I half-ass ground the cb to the jeep.
Well that explains it I guess I just cleaned the plugs and the noise went away 2 were covered in oil from the leaky valve cover gasket so ill be adding that to the repair list before socal fest now for the other 20000000000000 fixits to do