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Parts train..from Sac to LA and back


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anyone need anything??? im only taking the Honda but i thought i would throw it out there.

Im headed down next friday the 2nd until that sunday.
Taking the 5 I guess?
yeah it does'nt matter too much to be honest. i take either or.....99 or 5
Well, I meant thru the valley. Cuz otherwise There is some stuff in SJ that you could bring to me otherwise, but its all good. Boostamante (in LA area) has a couple brake rotors that I need tho. Maybe if you could get them to AJ in Bako for me, would be awesome.
were taking 99 down and back. if someone wants to meet me then im down. i will be in the Santa Monica/Marina Del Rey area. just let me know how i can help.
nah fenders won't work in the Honda sorry Mike. i would love to help you out if i could but those fenders are a bit big.