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P0715 code remains on


NAXJA Forum User
I have a 2001 XJ that was converted to 4WD. I have replaced both input and output speed sensors on the transmission and also the harness for them. What other solutions are there? I'm not that mechanically inclined. I can't find what I'm looking for. Maybe you can help.
Is it shifting normally otherwise, which would indicate the rear sensor is good? I don't think I've ever seen one of the 98+ trans speed sensors go bad. The input and output sensors are identical, so you can swap them.

You can use a voltmeter, set to read a/c, to verify that the input speed sensor is working. As I recall, the sensor doesn't read anything in 4th gear but should read in park? It's not a true input shaft speed sensor, but reads one of the ring gears up front.

It doesn't need to be connected to the computer to read with a meter as it puts out a/c pulses, unlike the pre-98 output speed sensor that was just a switch that closed once per rev. I've never tested the input sensor, but I expect you should see at least a few volts at idle increasing in proportion to engine speed. Not sure about the frequency, either. I have tested the output sensor disconnected from the computer before and saw around 1 volt at very slow speed getting up to nearly 30-volt pulses at 60-mpg, pulsing 4x per shaft rev.
I installed new sensors, front and back. I also replaced the shift solenoids with new ones when I changed the harness. The solenoids themselves probably don't have any effect on the code, but since I was there and they were the original ones, why not. It shifts normally and I haven't experienced anything wrong with my speedo. The cruise control won't activate either.