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Organizing for Paragon on July 13th & 14th


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Howdy all, finally got on here, so I figure this is the place to start organizing the trip to Paragon for those not able to make the Tellico run. I've already got Stroker, Magoo117, Lawn Cher', Gary92XJ, OLIVE and Nick96. Anyone else interested? I'll be there with Bob Lester so that's a few more. If this gets going big enough, we could probably think about having a BBQ and camping together for multi-day wheelin.
I'll help with what I can.

I'll supply compressed air! I should have a reg for my tank by then hmm 80 cubes of air oooh yeah.

I know of other places to camp too, and it's not that much further away than the one we stayed at last time. We'd have to air up to get there though since the way there is on Rt93 which is a fairly busy highway. I'll check for more too. I'll check my phone books. What do ya say?
Other Campgrounds??? Cheaper???

$20 a person a night was a bit steep...maybe just me, but for 3 people for 2 nights that $120 and paragon's already expensive enough for a weekend of wheelin. I'd love to be able to camp as close and maybe have less of a backwoods trip to the campground. I'm looking for convenience rather than seclusion. Anyone got any suggestions?
good idea

like the idea of a cheap convenient campground. I havent been to Paragon yet so i'll need directions. Is this Bobster's first trip with the new lift?
Wasn't it only $10 per night? Or was that just for the group site. May be. There is another campground in the area, but it is my understanding that they DO NOT allow wrenching on the vehicles. So you don't really have very many options.
Im in

Count me in for the run!! need anyone else to help? I will be out of school by then.... hehe
NAXJA-NAC Kitchen Patrol

I'll bring the trailer, we should definitely BBQ at least one evening.

On 2nd thought, maybe I'll put all the kitchen supplies in the MJ and use it to tow the XJ there so i don't get stranded again. Much better idea!
I'll call one in nescopeck. It's not that awful far from Route 93 and I can ask if they'd allow us to wrench if we need. Hell my friend has a garage close by so I could ask him for garage space he might even come for the ride as a passenger. I'll call them tomorrow.

The campground is called Moyer's Grove. Now unless anyone else can come up just some random wooded area that allows free roaming(which would be cheapest out of all) that'd be great we can set up camp there only we'd be SOL for that wonderful thing called electricity. I'll ask about group rates, repairs and other things. Hmm there is also another place near by named Paradise Campground but there was a double murder there a few years back so we might want to keep away from there.

Edit: Looks like I will only be able to attend this shindig on the 13th my dad scheduled my graduation party(jeep fundraiser) on, of course, the 14th. Grrrrrr! Oh well I'll just have to keep thinking about that milemarker winch I want so badly.
a name....hmmmm...well, since it's not an official event, lets stray away from any thing NAXJA related and just go with something like Skorpyon Run :D . Can't wait to hit that hill again, but this time with a lil more lift and leverage with a front locker.
I might make it down IF I have everything on Old Faithful ready for Colorado, but I'd probably not drive -- might ride with someone else. I won't know for sure until I see how much I can get done before then.
I'm at least interested. My parents are planning a trip to NC to visit some friends. I might have to dog sit, and I don't think the little guy would be too happy riding along in his old age.

Am I understanding you that Red Ridge upped the rates? Last time I was out there was in October, and I don't think I paid more than $10 for the night. $20 seems a little steep for a patch of grass to pitch a tent on and a bathroom to me.
Upon looking through the phone books today I can't seem to get a phone number for Moyer's Grove campground. I'll call the place were people were killed to maybe it'll be as close to free as possible because of the murders 4 years ago. Now would anyone seriously have a problem staying at the site with the murders if they will accomodate us better than Moyers? That's if we even go to one of those 2. You can call the Red Ridge again and ask them. I'll check my 2 places out and me and Skorpyo can talk about the camping situation since I'm the local spy type guy.
Isnt that the same date as the POR Trail Run? But anyway im there if i can figure out how to send this response. Oh yea and ill bring my Jeep too. Well later all

Im in.

This will be better in my opinion.
No Naxja Fee.

I just hope everyone can make it out there, plus more.

And I agree with Olive, we should find some other place to camp, that would be less expensive.

Skorpyo, How much lift will you have?
I think with some step by step crawling and evaluating we can get you up that stupid hill.

Olive, Did you get your noslip locker in?

We could go on a monthly ride with other wheelers...
I'd go tommorow.
Lets just find a spot where no cops can get to and camp for free.
I'll see what I can do about camping arrangements. I'll be out of the country starting sunday and I'll be getting back sunday so I can continue plans for camping after then.

I'm waiting on Nick96 to send me his instruction booklet for the no slip. I don't want to put a spring in the wrong place and have to do it all over again. Once he sends them I'll be installing the damn thing finally.


I just tought to look at a state map for state parks. There is one called Hickory Run. They offer modern/primitive/electrical hook up camping. They have 381 sites to choose from. It's about 20-25 miles away from Hazleton. There are a number of routes to take. Feel free to look into it here.


If I'm reading correctly it would cost us $26 total for the night.

[quote:9bb25f1855="PeterBuilt"]Isnt that the same date as the POR Trail Run? But anyway im there if i can figure out how to send this response. Oh yea and ill bring my Jeep too. Well later all


Don't know about POR, but jonfund has a ride there the 14th,15th,16th....