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Opinions on lifting 2.5-3"


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I am contemplating lifting with a OME 2.5" lift or going with someone elses 3" lift. I know that the OME is a lot more expensive but what do you experts think about using their complete replacement front and rear springs as compared to getting new coils and AALs with a 3" lift?

How harsh of a ride do you get with a 3" lift from say Rubicon Express or one of the other guys that sells the AAL for lifting the rear end? And if I was to go with the 3" lift what company would you suggest?


If I could afford an OME lift for our stock '88 XJ Limited, I'd consider it, but I have also had good service/ride with Rusty's 3" coils on my '89 MJ. I put his 3" AAl into my '89 XJ pack, and it didn't ride bad or stiff (I carry a LOT of tools/spares).

I plan to swap the 3" coils into the 88, unclear what will go in the back yet...probably another set of AALs (since this rig will only get 30x9.50 or 235/75s, may tow some, and won't be for serious 'wheelin')

Currently running Rusty's 4.5" coils + 2.25" spacer/4.5"+ extra leaves on the '89 XJ...only had this setup for a little while but no complaints.

The OME should ride really nice (better than stock by most accounts) BUT I don't know too many folks who after spending that much $$$$ on a 2" kit would have the stones to complain about it in public.
You're really comparing apples to pomegranites. OME offers a suspension system, with all components developed and calibrated to provide an optimum ride quality while also providing some lift over "stock."

A 3" AAL is designed primarily to carry extra weight, and secondarily to lift the vehicle. Ride quality isn't even on the radar. That doesn't mean the ride will be intolerable -- I think a decent AAL with stock springs just firms the ride up to the way I like it. The final ride quality in that case would be more determined by what shocks you choose.

Basically, you seem to be asking if you should go for a budget solution or an "El Primo" solution. If it were my XJ and I had the cash, I would do the OME without any hesitation, but that's because I know I would not decide within 6 months that I need to lift it another two feet to run earthmover tires. If you think you are likely to succomb to "inchitis," you can get a decent ride using front coils and AAL, and save a bunch of pocket jingle toward that ultimate lift that's in your future.