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Open letter to NAXJA members and sponsors covering 2015.


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Open letter to NAXJA members and sponsors.

First and foremost, thank you for supporting NAXJA by being a NAXJA member and/or a sponsor. NAXJA is 17 years old and could not be what it is today without the support of everyone that’s been in involved.

It has been my pleasure serving NAXJA the past three years as president.

2015 was another very successful year for NAXJA. In January, NAXJA turned 16 years old. National gave $5000 to the Blue Ribbon Coalition (BRC) in November in Las Vegas. The chapters have contributed in helping with land use efforts from helping to upgrade trail markers, to buying an auger for trail work, to giving financially to support public lands, and even helping to back a land use foundation that was started years ago, with a donation from NAXJA.

In 2015 we reorganized how we memorialized our members that have passed. We now have a roster specifically to remember those who have gone before us and we even added several folks that we were made aware of, so that they would not be forgotten. We lost a few members in 2015 and we remember them for their contributions to NAXJA over the years.

We remember Andy "Andy Steiner" Steiner, Don "Woody" Woodward, Pete "Over2land" Trasborg, and Aaron "FlexdXJ" Thompson.

In 2015, we worked to upgrade our server. The new admin team researched what they believe to be the best option for NAXJA. That server has been purchased and we look to have it online in January of 2016. My hope is to add some cool new features and options to the website in 2016. We are looking at bringing the very popular chat option back and bringing back the NAXJA store to make it more accessible. We are looking at better access from mobile devices and maybe even doing some reorganization of forums. It’s been a long transition and I hope to see some fun, new things in 2016.

In 2015, we looked to expand our social media presence. We have tried to make our facebook page more active and NAXJA even has a twitter account (@naxja_org). If you aren't following us, please do so!

Membership was up in 2015 over 2014. Membership averaged a very high success rate with getting packets out in a timely manner in 2015. I believe we stayed within a two week time frame or less in getting packets out. Please remember when you sign up or renew to make sure that your Paypal address is up to date. If it's not, please PM membership.

Another busy year is in store for us in 2016. Events for 2016 are already being planning by the chapters. We have great sponsors and great items for raffles at the chapter events throughout the year. Please visit our sponsor forums and support those who support us. I hope to see you on the trail this year at an event in 2016!

As always, if you have any questions, comments, concerns about NAXJA and what is going on please feel free to PM, email, text or call me or any member of the BOD.

Thank you!
Matt 'macgyvr' Rowland
NAXJA president
[email protected]