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OME long travel (rear) N36L


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Asheville, NC
Only on the XJ for a week or two. They are in pretty much brand new condition. I'm asking $100 +shipping
In addition to a BB, I have the OME 930 coils and N35C soft shocks up front (w/extended lower mount & hockypuck bstops) and the JC1b leaf packs (also really soft) and I felt the L shocks were valved too stiff for the rest of my setup. It sounds crazy, but now I run the N36C with 1.5" extended upper mounts and bumpstop extentions to keep them from bottoming and it rides super plush and flexes like mad.

I also run a stock rear bumper, 30" spare inside, and no heavy toolboxes or anything. The N36L is probably set up for more weight back there.
I have JC2B with a 1.25" RE shackle, and the 930s up front with a 1.75" spacer. I have the N35 and N36 shocks with BPEs front and rear. I have a heavy rear bumper, and carry stuff, so I plan on going to stiffer front springs, L shocks, and the JCXL add a leaf in the rear.
So these shocks would work great for your application (especially since you haven't been spoiled by the soft "c" shocks like me :rolleyes: ) you replied first so their yours if you want em. Let me know. I can get you a shipping quote if you send me your zip.
Hey pal

Sorry, I've been out of town for the last week and busy getting ready to get married in 5 weeks. Best offer them to someone else, as I am reevaluating the path I want to take with the XJ this winter.
RE-read the thread and then mind your own business.