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Old Style to New Style Gear Shifter Write Up


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Des Moines, Iowa
Hey everyone, just swapped an automatic gear shifter assembly from Kejtar's unit into my 90. Thought I'd give a little info on the swap. It's pretty much straight forward, the bolts are all the same size and they are in the exact same place. There are a few very minor differences though. The shift interlock cable on my 90 wouldn't fit on the newer style shifter. The new shifter has a collar around the pin the cable goes around therefore preventing the cable from snapping on. You would just have to grind the collar off, no biggie. The only other thing that is different are the two mounting holes to hold the console on. They are in different spots so my console turned out to be a little loose but it doesn't rattle and is still plenty tight for me(I suppose you could probably relocate brackets if needbe also). Anyway I remember someone was talking about doing this so I figured I'd give up a little info.
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BTW if anyone needs it my old one is up for sale.