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Ok techies...Tough one...Cable Internet Problem..

Ted Z

NAXJA Forum User
I have comcast cable internet..... It used to be really really fast...

Now it is so slow i can't hardly download the images on the site at all.....

I have talked to comcast they are claiming it is my computer causing the problems....

Where should i go?

I am really good with systems... this one is a stumper

you problem is Comcast. I had comcast when i was in augusta last year. When they bought @home, they screwed everything up. I had a tech come to my house and he told me there was an unused t3 line less then a mile from my house!.....when i mve back im going to bellsouth DSL. Ive been happier with DSL.
Things to check:
How new are you coaxial cable wires? if you can, run some higher gauge stuff, it can help. How many splitters do you have? The less the better. Its better to run 1 splitter from the box (1 goes to tv's, other goes to cable modem). How many programs are you running on your computer? Are you running Norton? The more stuff you run the slower your computer will run, Norton just sucks.....get another virus scanner.
Man, we need to know more than that....

have you clocked your connection speed? if so, what are your upload/download speeds.

Is it only here, or across the board?

Have you recently installed a firewall, or antivirus software?

Have you done a virus check recently?

Try one of the links here to test your connection. I know that depending on the time of day, my connection varies as much as 500 kbps (I normally run at 2.6-3.1 kbps)
A few of the sites check your connection and recommend tweaks.

That's all I can think of right now, sorry.

Text Block Size 1000 KB
Download Time 5734 ms
Receive Buffer 64240 bytes
Transmission Speed 1395 Kb/s

From PcPitstop.com
How long has it been since you emptied out your temp files? I completely forgot about it for like 6 months and was thinking I needed a new computer:eek: Did some house cleaning and she's back up to speed.

Ted Z said:
Text Block Size 1000 KB
Download Time 5734 ms
Receive Buffer 64240 bytes
Transmission Speed 1395 Kb/s

From PcPitstop.com

erm... it's not Comcast with those kind of numbers: downloaded 1 meg in 6 seconds, measured bandwidth of about 1.4mbps. That's about 50 times your usual 28.8 modem speed.

I'd be looking at what software you have running (if you're on 2000/XP, hit ctrl-alt-del and look at the task list, especially the processes tab), or what could be interfering with Internet Explorer (go grab AdAware at www.lavasoftusa.com - it scans for spyware programs that [among other things] sit and take up resources while completely screwing up IE, etc)
I'd run ad-aware AND spybot search and destroy. Whatever one can't get, the other one will.

IOLO's system mechanic also has a tweak button...sped me up tremendously

Look on ZDNET.com for these, there all free (to try)



Get rid of the porn too....:D :D :D

Heres a little FYI
You only need two (2) things to run your computer
Systray and Explorer
Anything else is fair game to shut down. That is what i run most of the time
What are the specs of your comp that your running? Are you running ethernet or USB from the cable modem? Also, DO NOT USE COMCAST"S SOFTWARE that comes with the modem, it will slow your internet down.
ummmm you actually need more processes then that for your computer to be happy :) and they vary with versions...

Good test would be to have another computer plug in into the same connection and see how it performs :)

unfortunately i dont have another system to try currently....

And i have done / checked everything else mentioned thus far.