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ok.. put me on the "dumbass" list please..


nobody of any consequence
there i was... the doctor said "now what ever you do.... DONT BLINK. " after what seemed like 4 hrs he was done.... my eyeball was still numbed from the novocaine eyedrops... i recall the many many times i have used a wire wheel. a drill, a hammer, and this time it was a 90 deg diegrinder with a cutting wheel on it... thinking to myself that my regular eyeglasses were sufficient protection (all the while knowing i was wrong)... even after hearing the stories from countless other people... now thaqt i have experienced having a needle stuck in my eye to remove the steel shard, and my eye literally drilled to remove the rust that developed... I HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT!!! through my one good eye...
it brings your own mortality into perspective when the doctor is literally half a millimeter away from making you totally blind.
wear saftey glasses....
i am sure there arre some of you who have been thru the same thing.. never again (i say that now...)
(steps down off his soap box)
Dont feel too bad. My brother, a pro wrench, last year, while trying to hammer a bearing race out of a Honda broke a chunk off. It went into the eyeball and seperated the retnia. he had JUST removed his safty glasses cause they were fogging up. He has NO SIGHT in that eye, Workmans Comp. may not allow him to return to that line of work due to the liability of him going blind.

Always wear you saftey glasses

PB Blaster will make a bearing fragment go thru your eyeball with no pain.

Lying on your stomach for a week while the oil they put in your eyeball to help reattach the retnia....sucks.

A person with no lens in thier eye looks really erie....more so in familly photos.

An ASE certified wrench with 30 years experiance, is not a friendlly person when they are told they may never work on a car agian.

great post. great post.

thanks for having the balls to use yourself as an example....

I am STUPID all the time....

got unlucky once or twice, been to the e-room for shit in my eye, but not REAL unlucky.....

maybe the next fragment that bounces of my safty glasses will have done so because of theis post.....

I gotta remember this story....
Been there... no fun. I am a very big fan of eye protection after having a chunk of metal removed from my eye once. Wear it... good stuff.

i figured it would strike a chord with you guys.... and stupid me is sitting here staring at a blurry screen instead of popping a vicodin and going to bed....
I'm pretty good about it as well, but extra reasons are a good thing to have.

I've had a few things fished out as well, bit of fire cracker when I was about 10 or so, and a bit of plastic (I was riding my bike and it went in) when I was 12 or 13.

When I was 19 or 20 I learned that gasoline in the eye doesn't feel too good, nor does Berryman's B-12.

I try to always wear them, but I don't sometimes, and I just about pay a little toll every time (got a lot of dirt under that Jeep!).

Yup, I've also been there. I was even wearing safety glasses but still got a metal shaving in my eye. Hurt like hell for a day, then went to the doctor. Had to see 3 different doctor who tryed all kinds of tricks. Finally had to numb it and pull it out. I figure the shavings where on my hat, forehead, and eyebrows and must have gotten in my eye after I took the glasses off. Now I try to remember to wipe down my face with a rag before taking off the glasses.
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JNJ, I've now switched to a FULLY COVERED eye glass....actually, they are googles....for grinding.....

the last time I got a chunk in my eye, I had glasses on! a piece bounced off my cheek, and right up into my eye....

good to see you on the dumbass list, I knew you'd make it.
I think I have the best dumbass story.

I cut my eye on a paper bag!

While moving a bag from the passenger seat to the rear, the bag SOMEHOW got under my glasses and "ripped" my eye open. The good Doc said there was nerve endings literally hanging out of my eye. And it was .00001 (exagerated for more drama) from permanent blindness. My opposite eye had a sympahtetic reaction and swelled shut the next day, so I was completely blind for for about a day and a half. Worst pain I have ever experienced. Occasionally I have a relapse if I get something in my eye and it will swell shut for about a day or so.

It's still a joke around the shop at work; "It's better than a paper bag in the eye!"

About two years ago I was under the gas tank replacing the fuel pump. My glasses were getting foggy, so I took them off to see better - big mistake. I got a couple of drops of gas in my eye. That stuff feels like you have napalm burning you eye sockets out! And washing it out with water doen't help the pain for about 10 minutes.
I started using my anti-fog cloth from my ski goggles after that.
Me too, but it was awhile ago. I was replacing an exhaust on a VW Rabbit in the garage without any eye protection, and a hunk of rust fell into my eye while underneath the car. No amount of water was able to flush it out, so off to the ER I went.....
That was the first time I ever had my eye numbed, which was neat....but when the doc came at me with the LONGEST, POINTIEST piece of medical equipment I've ever seen and had to actually stick it in the eye to pluck the rust out, I vowed never to get under anything without goggles on ever again. Worst part about it was having to watch the point of that thing come straight at your eye, and hope the doc had a steady hand. "whatever you do, don't blink..." yeah, right. I don't think I was even breathing!
I dropped a wrench on a can of brake cleaner. The wrench broke the spray top off of the brake cleaner. The brake cleaner evacuated the can at a high rate, right into my face.

Eyes swollen and in serious pain for about two hours.

CRASH.......Member in good standing, Jackasses Anonymous
Anyone who doesn't have at least one of these metal lapses to his credit isn't a serious Jeeper. In this recent heat and humidity I have had a lot of foggy glasses to deal with under the hulks and I've given in the removing the glasses so I could see what I'm doing. Thanks for a timely reminder why I souldn't do that.
i gotta say the eye numbing was a really strange experience... i would relate it to having someone washing your glasses while you are wearing them... you see every detail of whats happening but feel nothing at all, the drilling was done in the dark so i didnt see anything except that my line of sight was moving all around without me doing it.... eye is a bit sore today but nothing like before...
thanks for volunteering for the "dumbass" list guys...
Funniest accident report I ever saw:
From an American Airlines mechanic in Miami:
Unable to work because "poked self in eye with time card."

I also hope evereything is OK with your eye and as others have said, thanks for the reminder. I work as an aircraft mech and our scourge is skydrol hydraulic fluid. A drop of that in your eye and you'll be trying to pole your eye out with a stick. And yet I still occasionally have to remind myself that I forgot the safety glasses! You can't be reminded too often.
Cliffy said:
Funniest accident report I ever saw:
From an American Airlines mechanic in Miami:
Unable to work because "poked self in eye with time card."
:laugh2: :laugh2:
I have safety glasses spotted all over the place and a full face shield that i inherited from my father. My son was dropping the tank on the YJ and was on his back looking up when about a gallon sloshed out the filler holes right into his face or rather the shield. The main reason he had the shield on was because 'crud' was falling off the gas tank as he was getting ready to drop it. Now that face shield is always within my sons reach when working on the YJ. Me, I generally always wear safety glasses, back in HS when I was illegally working for a company called 'interpace' that made 4' to 30' diameter steel pipes and joints. I walked by a 4' pipe in the process of having it's weld removed and redone by a guy with a carbon arc at the other end. It was not a comfortable encounter, those sparks literally ate my T shirt where it wasn't coverd by my leather apron. From then on my safety glasses with the side covers were a permanent attachment from punch in to punch out.