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Oil Pressure Sender Woes


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Spencer WV
Have a 2001. Owned it about 4 years. I just put in my 5th oil pressure sender.

All except the one that came in it worked at one time when new. I don't think I've ever had one last more than a few weeks.

The one that came in it has no markings. It reads 20psi all the time when the ignition is on, whether the engine is running or not.

I replaced it with another unmarked one. It also now reads 20 psi all the time.

I have two OEM Chrysler sensors I bought new. They both worked fine when I put them in. They both now read 80psi all the time. These are both 05149064AB.

I bought a different part number this time. Not sure where I found it (a Jeep forum somewhere). It's 01549062AB, but I figured it can't get much worse than reading 80psi all the time. This one works great and appears to be very accurate compared to my gauge. Problem is, anything below 15psi and the gauge drops to 0 so the "check gauges" light comes on. This would be fine if my Cherokee didn't idle at about 12psi hot (according to my diagnostic gauge) so the warning light comes on when idling or coasting once it warms up.

I'm taking it in for annual inspection tomorrow, so i slapped one of the unmarked ones so it shows 20psi and at least the warning light will stay off.

So what's the right part number for my 01 with a 4.0? And why can't I get any of these sensors to last? The DC ones aren't exactly cheap. Are there any aftermarket senders that can be made to work with the three wire plug that might be a better solution?

I stuck a drill into the holes and none of my defective sensors appear to be clogged, BTW.
I would also investigate the wiring harness!