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oil pressure gauge going crazy


NAXJA Forum User
29 Palms, CA
This might just be a bad sending unit (which I'll be replacing soon just in case) but my oil pressure gauge is going haywire. It used to sit right around 70 on the highway except under the hardest of acceleration. Now, for the past two days, it has started shooting way up above 80, all the way to the little peg. Its gotten to the point where it stays pegged unless I’m in neutral in which case it drops back to 70. Sometimes. Sometimes it just stays up above 80. Has anyone else ever heard of this? I have the same amount of oil as I started with (if not a little less because of a small leak…) so unless some oil fairy is sneaking in at night and adding oil to my engine that’s not it. TIA for your help.
96, first remove the sender wire and clean the connector of all grease, dirt and oil. Then make sure the connector is tight. If this dosen't solve it, then it's probably a bad sender.

BTW, the oil level has no bearing on the pressure, unless it's so low that it's uncovering the pump pick-up. Good luck.