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The MSD wires may be 50 ohms per foot, per inch, per something. Its not per wire because the resistance of the wires change as the length of the wires change. So when the box says "only 50 ohms per foot/meter/yard/hectare...make sure the "other" (meaning the 300-350 ohm wires) wires resistance per *insert dimension here* are the same as the MSD's.

Andy in Pa. said:
Ohms = resistance. Less resistance (ohms) = less voltage drop across the plug wires which = more flow/more juice to the plugs.


Also since your plug wires are high voltage and need to charge to that voltage quickly you want a low inductance wire..

Inductance is measured in mH millihenries
An inductor resists change in voltage, kinda like a shock resists quick change in axle movement. A resistor limits voltage kinda like a limiting strap limits your axle movement:D

Inductance in series with a voltage signal will prevent quick changes in voltage.
That is why you use a coil "inductor" as a crossover for a bass speaker, Bass is a slow voltage changing signal so it passes right through, and the coil "inductor" blocks the faster voltage chages found in higher frequencies of sound...

Most multi meters dont have inductance meters on them.. but some do.