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Oh....no.....HINKELBERRY is....


NAXJA Forum User
43 tomorrow !!! Or today, depending on when you look at this.

Giving June a bad name since 1962.

Have a decent birthday marcus.....:party:

damn your old dont :party: to hard, you might break a hip

oh and happy birthday
I would give you some wise crack comment. But, you deserve a Happy Birthday :exclamati :exclamati :exclamati :exclamati :exclamati :exclamati :exclamati :exclamati :exclamati :exclamati :exclamati :exclamati :exclamati :exclamati
Hey! 43 ain't old...

At least, in my case :laugh3:

In Hinkley's case, though...

Have a good one, Mark!

Mark Hinkley said:
Thanks guys!

Hopefully for my B-day the shop passes final tomorrow!

Man, you're getting old.

Injuries don't heal like they used to, huh?

I'll have your birthday surprise waiting for you at Sweatfest.......
Hope you have a good bowel movement in the morning Mark. Keep up on that fiber.

Hinkley's younger than me?!

OH MY GAWD!!!!!!!!!!!

I gotta admit, you don't look a day over 60.

Happy B-day
Porch Puppy said:
Happy B-day :party:

I wonder if he'll get codgity in his old age?

CRASH said:
I wonder if he'll get codgity in his old age?

Yea, next thing you know he'll be deleting posts left and right. :rolleyes:

Hey noob, get off my grass!