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offroad camping trailer build!!


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ok so i decided to build a small trail trailer for dry camping so i can haul everything without having to pack it all in my rig... anyways this is what i have so far.. your comments are welcomed

the start <kinda>


then i widened and reinforced


attached axle and leafs after fab of hanger box


starting to go up!!


then the top rails...


so what do u guys all think... its not done but i would say 50%.. i still have to build the lid then skin all of it with diamond plate....
Any reason you're using a vehicle axle instead of a trailer axle? We're talking a bunch of extra weight.
i need the weight the trailer its self is really light so the added weight of the axle will keep the center of gravity lower...

plus the d35 was free <thanks to the skwerly man!!!>
Great start. Would it be a good idea to stiffen up that tongue with some angle braces?
john - yeah i still have to weld them on i cut them and prepped them but didnt get to it today
You gonna put a shackle on the springs? and you might want to beef up the frame areas where the springs tie in. (connect your frame to the original frame fwd and aft of the spring interface.)
thats alll been done bro... all been connected and braced.. and no shackle just had to build a bigger mount area for the larger front eyes on the leafs plus it moves the nose of the diff up a bit... the frame is strong as hell now... just need to do a few odds and ends on it like brace the tongue etc... but its coming along good
yeah i get that.. thats kind of the point .. i'm gonna strip the leafs down to a mono leaf then i'll have some spring action.. dont really want to much movement of the axle... but after i test it that may change.. i have some fabbed up already but not installed
i would think you would want flex especially on the trail, it will make your trailer less tippy. it will flex over rocks too instead of just rolling over everything. but its your project. the framing looks good, build it how you want.
lol i get what ur sayin and i agree but before i throw shackles on i wanna test a monoleaf then decide...
my 5x8 trailer that i have has shackles and i think 3 or 4 leafs and that thing is like riding on rocks. so hopefully your mono leaf idea works out for you
it may not then its just a 5 minute install and all is well again lol.. just wanna experiment .
I'd toss the 35... weight that's not needed & an anchor to hang up on... then I'd do as mentioned and get some shackles... think about a pintle set up or one of the other couplers... then I'd spend a few weeks on Expo. Portal in their trailer forum... it's like going to the mountain top for trailer building.

It's cool that you're having fun... I REALLLLY need to get my $hit together and start working on mine...

i'm not really planning on crawling with it .. just mild trails for family trips.. if i do go crawling then it would stay at camp... so thats what the build is based around