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HELP!! Buddy is stuck in some mud. We are at iron mtn trails in poway cali. San diego county. Off poway road and the 67 headed towards romona. Names rick. Number is 650-302-2065. My jeep got out his ranger is stuck. Any help is needed.
Brandon Bowen - Nine Four Nine-486-9777
Serving all of Orange County (Not much to get stuck in but you never know lol) In Big Bear/ Lake Arrowhead A LOT as well

Gray '89 XJ 4x4 33" KM2, locked front and LSD rear. 5.5" of lift. Recovery points front and rear. Off road lights Front and back (Soon I'll have 35" tires and 6" of lift :D)

Black '98 Chevy Tahoe 4x4 33" AT, tow rig and my back up.
1989 ford bronco
sas on about 9 inches of lift and 37s.
big boy sterling rear end so its got the tug thats needed to get rigs out.. also run with alot of huge 1ton fords if the issue is that bad..

note.. dont call these recovery companys. they charged a jeep guy 1000+ to get him out of some sticky mud up in azusa a month ago. 1000 bucks can buy a good winch. at least you can keep the winch.
Names Grayson
Got a 97 XJ with Aussie in the back sittin on 33's with a 4inch lift, got straps and various other junk needed and a few friends to call as well.
I live at the base of the San Berdo mountains, always willing to help a fellow wheeler out.
Numbers nine51 2zerofive 4eight6seven

Feel free to call any time during the day, and text at night would be preferred.

Drive safe.
Peter J. Ford
Yorba Linda CA (North Orange County)
7I4 865 O2IO


XJ +4.5" 33"s ected/detroit f/r recovery points

coming back soon: on-board-air
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I no longer live in SOCAL.
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MCAS Miramar
97 XJ
Stock height
Front Locker/Open Rear
Straps/Hi-Lift/Shackles/Rear Reciever

Add an 8500 lb winch to that list now.
Palmdale, Lancaster and surrounding areas

F350 Super 4x4 with lifted 18' flatbed -you'll need a working winch if you cant drive it up the ramps.

Peter J. Ford
Yorba Linda CA (North Orange County)
7I4 865 O2IO

XJ +4.5" 33"s ected/detroit f/r recovery points on-board air

Suburban that can tow, but no trailer.
Have no idea how I didn't post in here yet.

909 519 5966
Text is best.

I have a truck that will pull ANYTHING, a trailer, a big jeep, a little jeep, winches, straps, chainsaw, highlifts, portable welder, a dog, etc.

If you can get a full bodied rig stuck somewhere, I can get there and probably get it unstuck (no guarantees on buggies). I also have lots of spare parts and tools (some of which I know how to use).

I'm in Rancho Cucamonga, but willing to go almost ANYWHERE for a friend.
F-350 truck & flatbed trailer
My XJ is winched and can get most anywhere
I have toll free to my pipefitting biz and can always help a bro out
Triple 8 5234737
rings my cell during off hours
located in Fullerton

Love this thread I may need someone else someday
Tim Bentley
9o9.six 33. Eight 6o5
Call or text.
Located in Redlands.

Welding if we get you here.

Locker(s); 35s; 9500lb winch w/125' of cable. D-rings, snatch blocks, recovery and snatch straps, tree straps. Jack's, cordless impacts and a variety of tools.

Flashlights and lanterns. Welding rods and (only one set) jumper cables.

I'm an hour from Big Bear, 1-1/2 from Calico and Indio.
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