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serving jt, yucca valley, 29 palms are
lockers front rear
tow straps
and beer :)
four one three four eight five eight zero six five
never thought i would need this thread, but here goes

i need help december 31st at around 7:30 am, here in el cajon ca, i need a simple pull to get my jeep and truck out, the rains softened the soil and i am stuck!!!!!! and i cant get my jeep off the trailor to pull out the truck and trailor because the fence is right behind the jeep

619 318 7009, let the Flaming begin!!!!

by the way, i cant go wheeling till i get this out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Troy text me your address so I can see how feasable it is for me to run out there. 909 510 0894
thank you , i have just got off the phone with some one, he will be here at 7:30
'96 XJ, Dana 44's w/ 4.88, lockers frt and rear, 4:1 transfer case, 8" long arm lift with 35's. Winch, straps, tools, etc.

'03 F-350 PSD 4WD Crew cab, all stock. Tow vehicle.

Available in San Diego area, weekends.
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For the new guys in SO CAL. Check out this thread and post up if you can help out in your part of the woods.It has been used a couple of times when people or family gets stuck and need HELP out on a trail or in there own back yard.
Matthew, (719)685-6923

XJ with d44/9", locked, lots of tools and recovery gear, winch, compressor, 800W inverter.

Available in the Las Vegas area
Gotta new number.
Lifted XJ a bunch of tow straps, shovels, hi lift, a few spare tires and access to a tire mounting machine, welder @ the house and room to park an xj if need be... I'm @ the bottom of hwy 330 and 5 mins from the 38. I also gotta non daily driver Jeep we can pull parts off to get you home.

So hit me up bitches!
Name is sandy... im a dude..
I got a fleet of recovery vehicles..
92 ford festiva 13in wheels.. tow hooks, push bumper..
91 geo metro.. straight axle conversion.
and if need be I guess ill bring the jeep.. long arms, 33s, shovels, tow ropes all that good stuff..
im in hemet so ill be willing to go all over around here.. I also have my truck and my trailer will be done in a few weeks so if you need to be towed I got ya.
Nine five one- three four seven - four eight seven one
North County San Diego area.
XJ with 4" lift and 31" mud terrains, open/open but does suprisingly well.
full size chevy van for hauling something bulky i guess. A-team wheels and ram bar for when we need to modify a bus.
saturn vue 4cyl 5spd if all else fails.....

I accept payments in the way of an old-fashioned behind the wood shed, or coupons to Golden Health Spa.
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Taylor- East County

XJ +4" 33"s ARB f/r recovery points
xj 4" lift 4.56 gears! on board air, hilift, straps, snatch, front and rear recovery points, rope, jerry can with gas :), shovel, tools, axe, and a Garmin with all the trail maps in socal loaded to it, i even have the big bear map the forestry guys use..

call me anytime i live in redlands but im always willing to help.
temecula and surrounding areas and escondido
92 cherokee
4.5 lift open/open
winch, straps, chains, come-along, hi lift, shovel, tools gas cans etc etc etc

951 294 0666
Jeepnut1 AKA Scott Smith 714 306 4909.
4wheel drive trucks with straps and winches
Huge trailer to drag broken rigs home from almost anywhere
House in Johnson Valley near the hammers trails to store broken rigs until they can be brought home.
Have welding skills.

I'm at our house in JV all the time working, and could run back home through Big Bear, Apple Valley or Yucca to help out.

The best part is that I have a very understanding wife who has lived the life and knows s**t happens and you need to be there to help out
Jeremy D
Pismo Beach-ish area a little far from most, but I know you people like the dunes (=
Stock-ish XJ, no tow points yet but I know people, and can get access to a 4WD truck if necessary. Am a certified auto tech, so I have a pretty vast knowledge of that kind of stuff.

Update, number is the same, but jeep has changed.
89XJ 4" lift, 31" MTR-k's, front tow hooks, rear tow hitch, tow strap, shovel, etc.
My name is Ed, my friends call me Ed.
Four XJs- Mine, two sons and my Daughters.
No winch, but straps, shovels and other goodies.
We have extra tires, leaf springs, air and parts.
Also have big ole Mammer Jammer F350 in case your rig is tore up from the floor up.
Willing to help a Brotha out.
Live in Indio, I know my way well, Truckhaven, Ocotillo Wells, North Shore, Bradshaw trail, Fargo, Berdoo, Cactus City, Red Cloud etc.
My digits 760-238-8174 If you call at night, I have to bring my wife, she no trust me.
"wheel safe"