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OEM Interior Wiring?

ChuckD said:
Do all XJ's come prewired for all the accesories? I picked up a pair of power seats and my wifes XJ is just a plain jane Cherokee. No power doors or power windows. The only extras are the AC and it has carpets.

Looking at the seats, it looks like all they would require is a protected 12V hot and a ground for them to operate.
I think it depends on the year. I know there were non power window/mirror XJ's that had the wiring there ready to be used, but when I picked up a 97XJ which was the SE model and it wasn't prewired for the doorlocks or power windows. I ended up swapping out the interior harness (and it was a major PITA) to get those to work. Now in neither that one (SE) nor the other one (Sport) did I see any extra wiring that could be used for power seats.
On the other hand it shouldn't be too hard to wire up power seats: all you need is the 12+ that is tied into the acc through a relay and ground as IIRC the controls are in the seat itself.
There should be an empty pigtail under the carpet for power seats -IF- you have power window and locks... all this depends on what year XJ you have and since you didn't say, I'll ask.
My 93 Sport's got some of the wiring. It doesn't have the pigtail for the seats, and some sort of power line goes into the door, but I've never bothered to find out what it's for. As Kejtar says, getting the power seats to run off a suitable wire doesn't look like too hard a job. But my wife says that I say that all the time!