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odd air flow ?


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SE Michigan
ok here it is, my gf started complaining about this, this past winter, when ever i was driving cold air was blowing on her feet in the passenger foot well, no matter whether i had the heater on high or noton at all, there is always a rebel flow of cold air blowing in from the firewall/backside of the glove box area..or atleast that is where this phantom cold air is breaking into the passenger area of my XJ (right on her lil feet).....anyone got any ideas where or what might be allowing this outside air into my jeep....i personnally like the idea in the summer(kinda like a old school vent) just not so much in the winter.....appreciatte any insite you all got on this weird one....
Blower motor probably has an air leak around the gasket
This problem has been plaguing me (or more accurately my wife) for the past two years. I cannot find any reason for it. It isn't the gasket around the blower, and it isn't the little fresh air door in the heater. It seems to be coming down from somewhere behind the heater, perhaps a badly installed gasket or seal in the heater box itself. I thought it might be coming from the inner fender, and even took the fender off - no dice. I thought it might be from my very leaky windshield, but when I got a new windshield it didn't help. I'm down to the prospect of having to take the dashboard out.

If you haven't already, you should check the seal behind the blower motor (you'll have to take the motor out for this), and also make sure the fresh air door at the lower right is closing all the way and sealing. This door will open when you turn the heat all the way to "off," by the way. It should close up again when the heat is on.
thanx men, i will start playing with it tomorrow and see what i find.....
Dont forget that the airflow diverter is operated by vacume(sp). If you have a leak or weak vac, you may experience the same problem. I had a problem with my a/c when I accelerated it wouldn't blow at all. I found the feed line to the canister had a leak, and once fixed, no problems. Im betting on a Vac leak!!