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October 28 trail run


NAXJA Member
NAXJA Member
Sandy, UT
Please let me know if you are in for a run up Providence Canyon on the morning of October 28, starting around 8:30 AM, meeting location to be posted. The weather is supposed to be OK, but if not we have alternatives like the Spiral Jetty in the mud.
I still own the JK so I'm game for Providence Canyon if it's happening. I'm not at all interested in mud.

I suggested starting around 8:30 AM and asked you for a good meeting place in another post. Troy (moparcyco) is planning on making it also. So, its happening and you know the area. Where do you want to meet?
Let's meet at the Macey's grocery store in Providence near the gas pumps. The address is

50 N Utah Highway 165, Providence, UT 84332.

I should add.... 100 N in Providence (the road Macey's borders) is also 1200 S. in Logan City. Macey's is right on the border, so the addresses switch less than a block away. So as you're coming into town on northbound US-89 from Brigham City, you'll probably see intersections at 1200 S and 1100 S. It's due east of there.