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Obligatory driveway shot


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NE Indiana
Westbound and hammer down!


mac ‘its time for Moab!’ gyvr
Not really a driveway shot but more like a garage shot. Heading out in about 10 minutes. See everyone there.

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No more LJ Macgyvr?
Didn't get a driveway shot at home but here's one from Moab Friday night.

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Lift-off from SoCal in 3...2...1...
Clearly you need more driveway.

Nice tow rig.
Curious to see if XJs will still be in the majority at this event.
Too bad I can only bring one of mine.
Ready to head up there tomorrow morning

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No more LJ Macgyvr?

Bought the JT in November 2019, liked it so much I sold the LJ in the middle of 2020 covid...

mac 'wheels a school bus' gyvr