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NWF 2013 Pictures


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I had a great time meeting and wheeling with the NWC at NWFest 2013. Let's see some pictures.

Darren on Funny Rocks:

Eric in the crack:

Curtis picking a different line than I would have:

Dustin making a sweet off-camber dusty climb at Moon Rocks:

Little Josh telling me more jokes while in the background Stephanie begins her magical levitating leg trick:

I only took pics on the trail but I did get a bunch. More pics can be seen here: http://s196.photobucket.com/user/wickedtl/library/NWF 2013











































Awesome pics!!! Some day.... some day
A very wet wet Wednesday and a ton of road spray was the setting for our groups departure for NWF 2103 from our meeting spot in Vancouver...

Even thru the clouds and rain, the drive out there lended some great views.

We finally got tot he point where it was either make a last ditch run for cheap gas or soldier on towards little naches....
My XJ was rather loaded carrying all the raffle stuff, food, water, extra fuel, camping gear, tools, etc.....

On little naches heading into camp

Once at camp we spotted Bronzewrym set up in the corner overlooking the river...seemed like a good spot and there was plenty of room, and he was gracious enough to share his privacy with us.
We set up camp, strung up the mother of all tarps, and settled into a night of hanging around the camp fire.

Curtis and Dustin came by at one point to say hi as well....

Darren stopped by as well for some chit chat.

Good times were had for sure!
Friday morning came, and after coffee, breakfast, and a rather educational encounter with the OHV ranger, we staged up for our run out.

We made our way across an endless expanse.....

Up and over some trails....

And finally found ourselves at Moon Rocks:

I'm sure everyone can remember their first time encountering the unique terrain here, for me, I dont think I stopped smiling for 15 minutes straight.

We played in there for quite a while, easy to do with endless and infinite lines and runs to take.

John was toollin all around all over and seemed pretty content with how his Jeep was doing.

Tessa was pretty happy too, seemed like we were all having a pretty good time in the rocks.

Seemed like any-&-everywhere offered an awesome angle for a great picture opportunity. (i really need to get that fender painted.....)

Some baby flexing....

Some just plain ol hangin out....soaking it all in.....
It was a great experience to wheel at leisure, picking any line you wanted and just going for it.... hanging with good people and wheeling in this distinct and uniquely wonderful terrain....

I had been doing my own thing for a little bit, when Brandon (BMikes) came sprinting over the hill, nearly collapsing on my window sill, and in a panting out-of-breath statement told me Ryan broke, and needed recovery....
I made my way to the lower far side of the rocks to find Ryan in an Austin Powers like parking position, perfectly sideways in this groove....

With a sheared rear driveline he was barely able to at least get pointed into a better position with a lot of one-wheelie-peely via front wheel drive....

I maneuvered in for the rescue and got into position for the strap to be hooked up, which was precariously close to this rock face:

Meanwhile the peanut gallery watched on.... :D

The rest of the day was spent making our way over and back down the mountain..... I was more than happy to lend the assist to ryan, towing him up many of the muddy hills we faced.... I'm super proud of my AW4 for hanging in there thru it all, and for my MT/2's for providing plenty of bite to tug along.

Once on to flat ground we hard packed it back to Whistling Jacks to get some last minute supplies for another evening around the campfire.

There was a couple of sweet stretched and full width toys there as we pulled in. A bad ass CJ, and an LJ on 1-tons each.
Back at camp Ryan licked his wounds.... His DOM driveline extension just wasnt strong enough for that days play.....

With a couple of chunks off of his trailer, and a section of Hi-Lift handle, he went to work with two batteries, a couple sets of jumper cables and some welding-rod to attempt an at-camp repair.

He was at it for hours....

The finished result? ......well it looks beefy.....

But alas, the welds didnt hold thru a parking lot test drive and he was forced to trailer the jeep for the remainder of the weekend.
The skies had cleared though and the Snoqualmie National Forest showed us its beauty...

We figured now would be the perfect time to hang the clubs colors....

That night proved to warrant a night run, Aaron rode shotgun with me, Broze rolled solo, and Brandon rolled as tail gunner.

We made our way opposite the way we came out earlier that day, and played for a while at Funny Rocks:

Yea i know....my camera doesnt take the best night shots without a tripod and a TON of exposure time.

WE rolled back into camp just about 30 minutes after our expected return time and called it a night.
Saturday morning came and we were once again blessed with an educational discussion with the OHV Ranger....nice guy, but it delayed our planned upon departure time by a bit....none the less, we had a substantial group for that days run.
Dustin took point, and led us thru a lot of great trail.

Adam (SpecFab) was riding copilot with me all day, it was nice to have some great discussion along the trail, and we had a good time.

We stopped at one point to regroup and once again, Naches did not disappoint with the vistas,

Pick a line ... any line.... I chose the hardest line, and that put me back near the back of the group. (no complaints)

Came across this oldie at the top.....

I think someone had stopped at one point to fully evaluate just how easy an axle pull would be with a vehicle in this position.....

Awesome scenery....

Nothing like a long string of Jeeps winding down a trail.....

Once again we found ourselves at Funny Rocks, this time it was daylight, and not wet.

Most of us chilled and watched the few rigs that were already there play for a while while we ate lunch.
All sorts of rigs were there, Plenty of XJ's....

Caged XJ's, Wranglers,

Even some sweet tube frame buggies

Darren played king of the mountain for a bit.....

Eric really put the flat bed MJ to work on the Crack

I wish I coulda been front-and-center for this sweet wheel stand....
(i'm sure there was some pucker involved)

The Nail Salon Conquers.....

Curtis showed his own pucker factor on the way down....

Some of us had to break off from the rest of the group and head back to camp to start getting set up for the Raffle and Club-Provided dinner. It was a sad trip down, knowing this was most likely the last I was going to see and experience of this place until next year. Needless to say I soaked it all in as best I could.

We paused along this ridge-line for a quick photo op.

My Jeep had done well throughout the visit to the area, very little carnage (a bent fender, and a saggy roof light) and plenty of mud and dirt to show for it.

We made it back to Little Naches with some time to spare, so A couple of us made a bee-line up to Raven's Roost to check out the viewpoint, and get a closer look at the repeater tower.

At an altitude of around 6200' above sea level, you're high enough to see the curvature of the earth, and at one of (if not THE) tallest peak in the area, you see for miles and miles.

The Jeeps seemed very much at home up here.

There were some other people up there having some fun too...these guys were about two buckets into a "driving" competition.

At this elevation there was still some snow on the ground.....
Yea....you know we had to play a bit!

Yea yea...poser shots ....I know....

After a bit of sight seeing and soaking in the views, and of course a little snow play, we headed back down to camp to get to work.....
We set up for the raffle, staging up the BOD Jeeps to use as poster boards to hang the vendor banners from....
(big thanks to all that pitched in and helped out)

Specfab and Mnkyboy got to work, staging up the mess-line and got going on the cooking duties.
(you guys rock - cant say it enough - Thanks again!!!!)

The raffle this year was strong, a fair amount of support and some decent items to give away.

And who can forget the awards.....a yearly tradition that's soon not to be forgotten.

The long awaited debut of the official NAXJA NWC Offroad Spill Kits.....

Goodie bags-o-plenty!

People started filing in, setting up chairs, getting some grub and awaiting the start of the raffle....

In the midst of it all a deer meandered into our campground.....