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For those of us in the DC Metro area David95XJ just pointed out a new club in our area that is for Jeepers. The contingency thus far is mainly SWBs, but they're very welcoming to XJs. They're having a meet and greet in Rockville on the 23rd of Nov, and there are directions on their site. I cannot make it that weekend as I've already got plans, but nonetheless for us locals looking for others to share our obession and addition with (kinda like a support group) they seem to be getting themselves organized well, and they sure seem friendly.

Check out their site at www.NovaJeepers.com for more info!

They seem liek a bunch of cool guys, there were those wranglers we ran into on the way down that last trail.

They have all their meet and greets and various hooters around the area, check them out!


P.S. i can't make it but hopefully they'll have an M&G sometime in december when i hoem from school
hmmm,gotta wonder about a club that always meets at a hooters. might have to make that M&G.
Hooters could be worth the drive up from Richmond. :shock:
I've been to that one! You gotta make sure you go during a prime time, otherwise they got the 2nd string line-up in there serving you....