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non-disco D30 bearings


nobody of any consequence
i finally got my new bearing hub to replace the drivers side unit.. the hub is totally shot and can woble back and forth 1/4".... when i do this i see the inner axle shaft moving about that much in the housing... think my axle shaft bearings are shot from the additional slop in the assembly? my chiltons book has no exploded view of the front axle. it talks about a special tool to pull the bearings. can you get them out with a slide hammer and a inside puller?
TIA guys...
ok..are there actually any bearings supporting the inner shaft? i have been through the chiltons and haynes book and there is no mention of anything between the diff and the bearing hub... is that all there is supporting it? i pulled the hub in the rain today and covered it up again so i didnt even pull the shaft to peek... just seems like there should be something inside but being the "short" side of the diff i guess there may not be any outer bearing.. but what about the seal? is that inside near the diff unit or is there one on the outer end of the tube? long winded i know , but there is always someone here with the right answers.. thanx guys.....
There is no support bearing on the long side, the slop/play you mention is likely that in the side gears in the pumpkin.
ok... its all done.... guess i was just a lil shocked by seeing the axle just flopping around.... all is well.. gotta do a u-joint before i slap it together... thanks