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Noisey ez-locker???


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I believe I am having a really bad noise and performance issue with my Detroit EZ-locker. When its in 2wd it is making a really bad noise like a busted u-joint type noise in 2wd and when ever I make a sharp turn, you can feel it in the steering all rough like. And clicks really loudly a lot in 4wd. I know they are suposed to click hear and there. But damn! the thing sounds like its tearin up my whole front end. any thoughts, is there somthing wrong with it?
If it's old or improperly shimmed it's probably toast. I've had two similar lockers die the same death. It can also be caused by a bent axle housing. Basically, it's failing to ratchet and locking when it's not supposed to because of inadequate space between the drivers and side gears, or because of misalignment caused by a bent axle housing.

Age will also eventually kill a lunchbox locker once the holes the pins ride in start to enlongate from wear. Pull the cover with the wheels jacked up. Spin each wheel seperately and see if the locker ratchets smoothly. If not, figure out why. Pull it out and inspect the teeth. If they're still smooth and not misshapen, and the pins fit fairly tight in their holes the locker is probably still usable. Check the clearance with a feeler gauge. If it's good, you probably bent your front axle.

Here's how I know...


Good luck!
I'm having similar problems, but my locker/gear setup is just over a week old. I have mine in the rear and it's been popping and banging pretty often ever since. Some people say they are just loud when breaking in, but I never expected this.
OP, open up the axle and see if it's missing any springs.

Sunburned, they do make more noise when they're new, especially if the rear tires aren't exactly the same size (one worn more than the other) or the PSI is different. You'll get used to it.