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No-slip locker or diff problem


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I just was replacing my axle end seal in my 8.25 and when I put the locker back together it would not pass the test as describe in the manual. Rolling the driver side wheel forward and then holding it in position the pass wheel would not disengage in EITHER direction.

My next set of tests was to raise each wheel and go in forward and reverse. Each time the wheel on the ground was driven, but in some circumstances the lifted wheel did not move at the same speed as the wheel on the ground.

Powertrax has replaced one for me, and i get the same/similar problem. And I have installed it several times and know it is correctly installed

My question.. what the heck is wrong with my diff??? and what could i have done while I was changing the axle end seal??

is there supposed to be a bit of play on c-clip axles in/out? Both sides seem to have the same play, so I assume it is normal.

backlash on the R&P seems normal.