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No buss On dash help please!


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Good day everyone
I have a 2001 Jeep Cherokee sport went to start it last week it would not turn over I got the no buss on the dash the gauges were not working. I did some research so I went ahead and changed out the crank position sensor. It starts now. But idles a little bit rough. I can drive it around but again the check engine light and the gauges don’t work they do come on sporadically. And then stop working and so on. Also I took the gauge cluster out and cleaned the connections at the plugs and on the cluster also did nothing. I took it down to AutoZone to get the codes retrieved I have P1698 it says most likely solution is repair transmission control module wiring I tested what I could find online there is power going to the TCM I also went and started disconnecting the sensors to see if the new bus would go away that did not work. I don’t know what else I can test or look at I didn’t want to just start throwing parts at it. Any help or at least steer me in the right direction would be highly appreciated. Thank you.
It’s a 2001 jeep Cherokee sport no ABS
P1698 Jeep

PCM Fault No CCD Message From TCM

Possible Causes

-Faulty Transmission Control Module (TCM)
-Transmission Control Module harness is open or shorted
-Transmission Control Module circuit poor electrical connection
-Faulty Powertrain Control Module (PCM)
-Low battery voltage

Vehicle Application:
2000 Jeep Cherokee 4.0L, Vin S, Eng Cfg L6 2001 Jeep Cherokee 4.0L

Customer Concern:
Trouble code P0700. Unable to communicate with the Transmission Control Module (TCM).

1. Try another scan tool first, there are many scan tool conflicts.

2. If multiple scan tools still do not communicate, then verify that the Pink Serial Communication Interface (SCI) wire is not open between the Diagnostic Link Connector (DLC) and the TCM. Verify that it is not grounded out either. Repair wiring as needed.

3. Replace the TCM if the wiring is OK and there is still no communication.

4. Load Test the alternator.

P1698 Potential Causes:
Scan Tool Conflict

Confirmed P1698 fixes:
2-3 Shift Soliniod Wiring
Shift Solenoid
New Alternator


The first symptom was a clicking or popping noise through the speakers, even with the stereo off. About 30 miles after that started the check engine light turned on. About 40 miles after that the voltmeter in the cluster started fluctuating, then the check gauges light came on as the voltmeter dropped to zero. I drove back to the shop to find 13.5V on the battery and a P1698 code, a bus code for pcm-tcm communication. No other codes. The 1698 was a hard fault.

Replacing the alternator cured the symptoms and trouble code.

Some diagnostics and cleaning of the wire connections should be performed before buying a new alternator.
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I am still having issues cannot figure this out I tried to different scan tool still get P 1698 I change the TCM with a different one I got from a friend also change the gauge cluster. Also no good! check the grounds cleaned all possible grounds in the engine compartment. The jeep did start but had a really rough idle now it will not start at allI did check for spark which I do have. I don’t have a fuel pressure gauge but I can hear the fuel pump priming when I turn the key. I know that might not be the best indication what I have for right now.Anyone have any other possible solutions?
Hello, I’m having this same issue with my 2001 XJ. No-bus, also no fuel pump prime, the cooling fan runs constantly with key on, no 5v reference at he sensors. When I unplugged the fuel pump the 5v reference came back. Just for the hell of it I opened up the PCM and there is something that seems burned in it. Just wondering if you found anything on yours.