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Newer 2 DR glass in older model


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Noticed while walking through the yard that the NEWER XJ's have a 1 piece glass as opossed to a vent glass / door glass set up.

Anyone do a conversion to the newer style yet ?

Looks like the regulator is in the same place, and about all you'd need is the trim in the door around the glass itself.
I’ve got one door done and waiting on parts to finish the passenger door. Mine are manual regulators so I can’t comment on a power conversion.

You’ll need the track (guide) that the front of the window is guided by so you’re going to need a set of donor doors. This will replace the track provided by the original vent window or the blank window.

The regulator will have to be replaced with the late model one. I bought a used set from an ’02 (I think), they were broken on arrival so I bought new ones $90.00/100.00 at the dealership. What I learned was that the ’97 had a longer shaft for the crank handle which is needed because of the difference in the doors.

Need late model cranks also.

The used window gaskets I bought were folded up and taped together which creased them so new from the dealership was $60.00/70.00.

At least on my two door the metal trim was the same as the original.

Inner and outer seals (wipers) and a piece will have to be removed from the inside of the door will have to be removed to make them fit.

I made 3/8 spacers to move the window and align it with the tracks.

I transferred the holes for the regulator from the donor door but it was a four door and some guess work was needed. I guessed wrong but I finally figured it out.

That’s about it.