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New smoke from the tail pipe


NAXJA Forum User
Lexington, KY
My main ride is a '96 XJ with 202k miles on her. Very lightly driven her whole life and well maintained. So last night I have this car coming up on me fast so I hit the gas and lo and behold the car's headlights behind me illuminates a cloud of white smoke coming from my tailpipe I've never seen before. Actually, other than when doing seafoam treatments, this is the first smoke I've seen from my tailpipe ever. Being nighttime it was difficult to gauge how thick the smoke actually was. I'd say it wasn't thick by any means but definitely impossible to miss.

So what's the best idea of what's causing this in a 202k engine. Worn piston rings maybe? She doesn't normally burn oil. I use Mobile1 full synthetic for high mileage engines if that matters.

It's been some years since I've done a seafoam treatment. Wonder if it's time to do it again?