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Lutin Plunder

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Kent, WA
ok here's the all important pics ;)



My Jeep started out as a 1987 Cherokee with the D30 (3.07), 4.0L, Pugeot BA10/5, NP231, D44 (3.07) (aren't I a lucky SOB), on 225/75R15's

It's now D30 (3.55 & LockRight), 4.0L, Ax-15 (out of a 1999 TJ, using a Pilot bushing from a 1973 CJ-5 with a 304 and a 3sp), NP231, D44 (3.54 & PowerLok rebuilt with all wavy's (only unlocks on DRY pavement)), has about 5.5" to 6" of lift using RE 4.5" coils and 1" spacer up front and 3" AAL with extra #2 spring from a stock pack, a 1.5" shackle, and a 1" block out back, and is now on 31" Super Swamper Radials ( I REALLY need bigger tires but they still have good tread and I can't bring myself to buy new tires when I still have good ones). I have also built a custom front bumper for it and LCA's, I have also cut the fenders and welded in some 3/8" rod to give them some strength, I aslo cut off the rear lower quarter panels. I have OBA using an old AC compressor (it's a Sanden) it's plumbed through a pressure switch and filter before going to my Air tanks/rockers I have the air chucks mounted in a custom little box located were the vent on the door sill was. The rockers are 2x6x.250 wall rectangular tubing that I welded to the body and some angle they are mounted way up on the rockers I had to cut about 2" off the doors to do it. I'm running an AGR pump and box. The interior is lined with a brush on bedliner. Um I think that's all...

Ok now that I've described the Jeep time for a little about me. I'm 23 and currently a student a Renton Technical college taking the Welding program (If you are going there and would like to see the Jeep up close or just BS I'm there from about 7am to 1pm M-F in building A) when I get out I plan on working as a Millwright and trying to start my own Fabrication business :D
Welcome to the forums! Cool looking rig. Pull up a comfy chair, easy to spent too many hours here. :cool:

Next step in the everlasting addiction process: becoming a full fledged NAXJA Member. "You can check in, but you can never leave" fits this place.

Hey, warm enough for you today down there in the valley?
holy bumper Batman!!!!! you make that so the @sshat Washington state patrol will leave you alone? I get hassled if I push my luck and spend too much time driving on I-5.


Holy big pics, Lutin! :D j/k buddy

Gotta get those Dana 60's and 35's under that thing, man...gotta grow into that bumper. :)

Nice to see you join up and thanks for the help on the RE control arm brackets yesterday. I'm still sore from that install. Haven't spent enough time under the rig lately...
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egh too hot here

I made the bumper cause I got tired to straightening and re-straightening the mounts and tow points on my ARB and because I want to run the warn upright winch later on. any one looking for a slightly used ARB :D slightly modified (cut part of the bottom off because I kept hanging up on it
Yes it has been very hot here..in the last 5 days I have built a 85 foot fence (extra money for the Tig welder I had my eye on), put new springs on the front of my XJ, put my old springs on a friends rig (and lifted the rear), now I have to take those front springs out to put a 1" spacer in cuz it sits funny. My point, I must be stupid :confused: . Rains 75% percent of the time, and I choose to do the most wrenching I have done in a year in 95 degree heat. Oh I almost forgot, now I have to lower my wifes Tahoe...will it ever end????

anyway nuff rambling,

That is the biggest damn bumper I have ever seen!!!
I like it, but wow!!!
If I had that thing I would tempted to ram the hell out of anyone in my way!!
Two comments.

1. Nice parking brake.
2. I have the identical set of mud flaps!!! The 'PA' is even the same. LOL!!