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New member and trans pan question


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Hey youall just found you. I have a 96 sport 4.0 4wd auto overdrive. 90,000 plus miles going strong. 235 75 all terrian tires ( wife was drivin' at the time), brush guard, building roof rack at present time, aftermarket steering stabilizer,planning on better shocks, better exhaust. Its my daily driver and huntin' rig. I live in the ozarks, a little mud, buncha rocks, and steep trails.On to my first question, can i remove my trans pan without taking the rear mount loose and jacking it up? Its time for a service and it looks like i can but not sure.
i think i can, i think i can, i think i can, remember the story about the little choo choo that could? i know i can, i know i can, i know i can. J k man you can do it. I was born and raised in Mena (Rich Mountain) ever heard of it. Welcome aboard. Dirt
Be aware that the dipstick tube has a joint partway up, pressed together with an O-ring. If it's gotten rusty it can be difficult to separate. You may have to work it loose patiently, or even remove the whole tube, separate it on a bench and then reinstall it in pieces. It's very hard to get it back where it belongs in one piece owing to its length.