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New Guy Here


NAXJA Forum User
Bonney Lake
I been lurking here for a while :geek: getting xj info. Guess it's about time I introduce myself. My rig is a 93 4 1/2 Rusty's lift, Fenders trimmed with Rustys flares, rear 1/4's cut, 33x12.50 Procomps, home brew bumpers, Still Dana 30/35 with a lincoln locker in the rear. I'm in Bonney Lake, anyone close? Hit me up.
Welcome! Post your rig in the rig directory and join us at the Meet and Greet coming up Nov. 13th in Mill Creek.

hey there!!! i dont live in bonney lake, but always ready to go wheelin!!!

on another note.....whats wrong with the rusty's stuff??? I see this every once in a while, and I wonder, because I have some rusty's products.
well thats comforting then i guess, considering all i really have from him is a steering box brace, and some 9 inch coils.

I wouldn't be too concerned. I have been running his stuff on my Jeep for over 5 years without any issues on ANYTHING that I got from him. Including his track bar. People like to bash others and for one reason or another he seems to be the most socially acceptable to bash (I think it has much less to do with his products than most people seem to believe).

Hey! I live in the Bonney Lake/Buckley area. Hit me up when you want to go wheeling. Weekends and afternoons are typically best for me.